September 1999


IFC Productions

"We're not altruistic," says Jonathan Sehring, IFC Films president, "although somebody said at Cannes, 'Oh, you guys are the one patron saint now of financing independent films, because there's not a lot of equity out there without strings attached.' Well, we have strings, if you want to call them strings, but they're supposed to be as filmmaker friendly as possible."

Producer's Reps: What to know before putting your film in their hands.

Although a nebulous-sounding job, a good rep combines the promotional skills of a publicist, the deal-making ability of a lawyer, and the marketing skills of a salesperson.

Viva la Revolucion DV!

A roster of films leading the digital parade.

The Celebration

(1998), 105 min., color
Director: Thomas Vinterberg []
Original Format: Mini DV (PAL)

Cast Off Your Costumes!

How to Get the Most Mileage out of the Independent Feature Film Market.

My desk is festooned with the fruits of two previous Independent Feature Film Markets: a cupful of pens, buttons, a mousepad, a key ring. And that's not counting the baseball caps and t-shirts that are given out by filmmakers each September to promote their work.

Viva la Revolucion DV!

Worldwide, filmmakers are asking, "Should I shoot in digital video?" A globetrotting DV producer replies.

Filmmakers are mixing and matching a wide variety of options -
in their choice of cameras,
transfer methods, and final format. For a digital round-up see sidebar.

AT THEATERS NEAR YOU: IFC Productions' Slate

IFC Productions' Slate

John Sayles' Men with Guns

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