Tribeca 2014: Interactive's Audience Now Has an Audience

Senior producer Maddy Kadish reports on the cutting edge programs during Tribeca's Innovation Week.

Kenyatta Cheese delivering keynote, picture Tweeted by @triciawang.

From playing the giant piano inspired by Big to starting to fan stalk other media fans, Tribeca's cutting edge Innovation Week brought all things transmedia (and more) to the forefront of the conversation, and better yet, to the hands-on Interactive Playground. Senior producer Maddy Kadish was on the scene.

Part of the mission of Tribeca Film Festival is to “redefine the film festival experience.” Nothing does this more than the ever expanding Innovation Week at Tribeca.

Crowd Funding 101: How to Maximize Your Online Campaign

Brandon Walter Irvine helps filmmakers crack the code of crowd funding.

Michael Cuomo as Staff Sgt Cole Lewis, both star and producer of "Happy New Year." Photo by Nina Berman.

Crowd Sourcing. Crowd Funding. Kickstarter. IndieGoGo. Everyone's either doing it, talking about it, or wishing they knew enough to utilize these new approaches to making a movie from the ground up. Here's your primer on who, what, and how.

The Big Players and What Differentiates Them

Beyond a Social Network

At SXSW, Steven Abrams explores the threads between technology, fundraising, and independent filmmaking.

A still from the film <i>Life in a Day</i>.

What's interactive to the third or fourth power? SXSW and its deepening relationship to all things tech and social media. Steve Abrams comments on how, at this year's fest, the intersection of social networking, fundraising, and technology affected the showcased films and which filmmakers are leading by example.

South by Southwest (SXSW) has become a convergence of film, interactive media, and music, as the lines between these media have increasingly blurred. So it's appropriate that David Dworsky and Victor Köhler's documentary, Press Play Pause, was chosen for an opening night premiere.

Sustaining Big Projects through Small Gigs

A trend toward online documentary-style commercials might be a good source of supplemental income for filmmakers.

Filmmakers like Dave Jackel are meeting the growing demand for documentary-style online commercials.

Corporate television commercials are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, businesses both big and small are turning to documercials, commercials shot like documentaries, to more sincerely convey their message via the Internet. Like it or not, this trend is opening up doors for independent filmmakers — both financially and professionally.

A machine’s dial turns, and a white powder is added to a spinning beaker of water as a woman’s voice overhead talks about toothpaste and animal testing. It looks like a documentary you might find on PBS, but instead, it’s a commercial for Tom's of Maine.


Indiepix and PixelTools Corporation recently announced that the 2,000 films available on’s Download-To- Own system will be watermarked using a new technology called MPEG Escort. The invisible, digital watermark allows online purchasers to make copies, but prevents pirates from doing so, (the watermark makes it simple to trace who originally purchased and downloaded the film.)

Voices from Issues Past

What happened at AIVF over the last 30 years?

AIVF: And What it Meant to Me

I first became aware of AIVF when Martha Gever was editor of The Independent. I marveled at this national organization that put out each month a magazine chock full of weighty, intellectual and critical articles on film and video.

What’s Your Budget?

Navigating the software jungle

Before shooting a film or video, long form or short form, narrative or documentary, before beginning development, fundraising, or even casting, there is one thing every filmmaker should have, a budget. It is a crucial part of every production. It’s one of the few constants in every type of filmmaking. It’s the thing that almost every other decision hangs on.

Opening With Style

Using Photoshop to design professional-looking titles

As anyone who has been to many festivals or film school screenings can attest, for most independent and student filmmakers, title design is a rushed process at the end of a busy editorial cycle.

3D Animation

How the software applications stack up

The world of 3D animation is slowly opening up to new artists. New training options, online communities of users, and lower prices now make the prospect of 3D animation more enticing for independent filmmakers.

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