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TIFF 2013: Report from the Second Annual Asian Film Summit

Katherine Brodsky distills the highlights from a conversation about China's burgeoning film market.

Keanu Reeves' directorial debut is a China-US co-production.

China-US co-production, Man of Tai Chi, was a case study, of sorts, at TIFF's second Asian Film Summit. Katherine Brodsky offers highlights of a discussion that addressed the growing Chinese film market.

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) first presented the Asian Film Summit in 2012 and it was proclaimed a success.

TIFF 2013: When Movies Bring On- and Off-Screen Families Together

Katherine Brodsky crashes a reunion with "Cinemanovels'" key actors and writer/director Terry Miles.

"Cinemanovels" reunites writer/director Terry Miles with Lauren Lee Smith and Jennifer Beals.

Writer/director Terry Miles and actor Lauren Lee Smith pooled personal resources to make Cinemanovels. Partly that meant money. Mostly it meant something far more personal: trust. Jennifer Beals joined the duo in making this story about a woman who assembles a retrospective of her father's film work after his death.

This may well be a cautionary tale of having good email etiquette. After wrapping Terry Miles' A Night for Dying Tigers (2010) actress Lauren Lee Smith sent Miles a note thanking him for the experience and saying how great it would be to work together again some day.

All Indie Family

Third generation Trosts, siblings Jason and Sarah, combine hyphens and skills for an indie trifecta.

On location in Thailand for #wetandreckless.

You can't dump siblings and they don't blow smoke up your $#@... Rebecca Reynolds talks to siblings Jason and Sarah Trost about their collaboration on three indie projects, The FP, All Superheroes Must Die, and Wet and Reckless.

In the land of Hollywood hyphens, the Trost family shares more than titles and a familiar last name. Together, they have enough skills to staff their own projects.

Tribeca 2013: From Novel to Screen in "A Single Shot"

Katherine Brodsky meets up with cast and crew of "A Single Shot" on set in Vancouver.

William H. Macy in "A Single Shot."

You've been working on your movie for how long? Take heart, A Single Shot clocks in around 15 years, probably longer if you factor in how long Matthew F. Jones worked on the novel he later adapted. Katherine Brodsky talks with star Sam Rockwell, the director, producer and others while on set in Vancouver.

As indie filmmakers know, making a film is a long process that requires a passion that burns deeper than the holes is your pocket. There's a certain dedication that goes into bringing a story alive that is borderline obsessive compulsive. But without that commitment, most films will never make it onto celluloid, let alone into movie theatres.


Rebecca Reynolds asks the "Missed Connections" team how they pulled off their festival-favorite comedy on a shoestring budget.

The "Missed Connections" team L-R: Rudin, Stevenson, Davies, and Kissack.

On and off-screen partners Kenny Stevenson and Dorien Davies teamed up with producer Lisa Rudin and director Eric Kissack on the indie festival comedy hit Missed Connections, which makes its international debut later this month. Rebecca Reynolds inquires about casting, budgeting, and the recipe for "comedy chops."

Writer/actor Kenny Stevenson and his wife, actress Dorien Davies, joined forces with producer Lisa Rudin and director Eric Kissack to make the award-winning indie comedy, http://mi

Laura Colella's Seminal Summer

Laura Colella's third narrative feature, a summer story about neighborly, multi-generation relationships, stars Colella's real-life housemates and has its world premiere this week.

"Breakfast With Curtis" stars Colella's neighbors Theo Green (foreground) and Jonah Parker.

"I think everyone has a particular summer when your life took a real shift," says Laura Colella to The Independent's David Pierotti within days of her third narrative feature debut. Colella calls Breakfast With Curtis a no-budget feature. It takes place in her real-life backyard starring her real-life neighbors... and marks at least one character's seminal summer.

Providence, Rhode Island, director Laura Colella was gearing up for the Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this week. Her third narrative feature, Breakfast With Curtis, will get its world premiere screening before an audience on June 14th.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2012

The Independent chooses the 10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2012.

A still from <i>Losing Ferguson</i>, a film by one of the Independent's 10 to Watch in 2012, Trisha Gum.

The Independent shines a spotlight on 10 innovative filmmakers to keep your eye on this year, and coming years. We've got web series creators, animators, and filmmakers of all genres... and in the last month we've been releasing exclusive new extras on Facebook.

It's another year, and time to announce 10 filmmakers we at The Independent think you should keep your eye on. It's a varied group, to be sure, but each filmmaker has a few key things in common: talent, drive, and the desire to innovate.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2011

The Independent's Nikki Chase lists the top 10 filmmakers we think you should watch this year.

An image from "When the Mountains Tremble," a film by Pamela Yates, one of our 10 to Watch. Photo by Jean-Marie Simon © 2011.

Wondering who will be named to The Independent's 10 to Watch 2012 list? Here's a reminder of last year's inspiring filmmakers as we put the finishing touches on this year's roll out.

It's time for our annual 10 Filmmakers to Watch list. We’ve pooled our resources and brainpower to get the scoop on who’s who this year.

Beyond a Social Network

At SXSW, Steven Abrams explores the threads between technology, fundraising, and independent filmmaking.

A still from the film <i>Life in a Day</i>.

What's interactive to the third or fourth power? SXSW and its deepening relationship to all things tech and social media. Steve Abrams comments on how, at this year's fest, the intersection of social networking, fundraising, and technology affected the showcased films and which filmmakers are leading by example.

South by Southwest (SXSW) has become a convergence of film, interactive media, and music, as the lines between these media have increasingly blurred. So it's appropriate that David Dworsky and Victor Köhler's documentary, Press Play Pause, was chosen for an opening night premiere.

Are Pitch Sessions the New Black?

Maddy Kadish investigates how not to swing and miss at your next local pitch session.

Still from "Radio Free Albemuth," co-produced by Elizabeth Karr.

Pitch sessions are becoming the go-to attraction at film festivals and conferences.

Pitch sessions are becoming the go-to attraction at film festivals and conferences. How are filmmakers and expert panelists making the most of these meetings?

After attending a few sessions firsthand, The Independent asked film professionals for their input on how to maximize the pitch opportunity. Turns out the answers aren’t so simple. We spoke with:

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