December 2010

Doc Doctor's Story Strategies: Looking for the Perfect Producer? Keep Looking!

In her 7th installment of "Story Strategies: Debunking the Myths of Storytelling," Doc Doctor Fernanda Rossi debunks the myth that waiting for the "right" producer will dissolve all of your film's problems.

Waiting by the phone. Photo by Alan Cleaver.

In her 7th installment of "Story Strategies: Debunking the Myths of Storytelling," Doc Doctor Fernanda Rossi debunks the idea that Ms. or Mr. Right producer is just a phone call, or Facebook chat away... and once together your film will live happily ever after.

Myth #7

“I’ll go on with the film when I find the right producer.” Keep looking!

The myth in all its glory

Maximizing Film Exhibition Quality at Festivals

Prep work and communication with festival staff can ensure a top notch film debut.

Jump on the chance to have a tech check before a festival screening. Photo by Torley.

Finally, your work screens at a festival. But the sound is off and it looks terrible. Kelly Gallagher asks festival programmers and filmmakers how to increase exhibition quality at festivals. In addition to post-production, improve your audience's experience through preparation and developing rapport with festival staff.

Many filmmakers forget that there are plenty of final touches to be made after the last edit is approved and digital formatting requirements are met for festival submissions. Even after festival acceptances flood your in-box, there are ways to maintain creative control over your film's exhibition.

Five Grand, Five Days

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We can do it! Image by lumaxart.

It's DAY FIVE of our Five Grand, Five Days fundraising campaign. Join hands, join our team, join together to support independent storytelling, donate TODAY!


Whose Hugo?

As an author adapts her own novel for the screen, a fan (and sometimes screenwriter) asks her about the process, pondering the art of translation, and the tenuous nature of characters’ identities.

Frodo, by bwats2, may have looked different to you before the LOTR movies.

Part fan interview, part experimental essay, David Pierotti ruminates on the many forms his alter-ego, a character in Kate Christensen's novel, The Epicure's Lament, could take as Christensen adapts her novel into a screenplay.

I detest being surprised by people, especially those to who a certain degree of my identity depends upon feeling superior. -Hugo Whittier, in “The Epicure’s Lament” by Kate Christensen.

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