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Public Launch of The Independent's Digitized Archive Open to All - October 30, 2014

We are inching closer and closer to preserving The Independent's print history for you and future generations!

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Boxes of the print magazine line the floor of Zingerplatz Pictures' office.

Join The Independent and our archiving partner, UMass Amherst Libraries, for a celebration of the launch of our new website and digitized archive. Hosted by UMass Boston Film Series, the FREE evening includes a reception, screening of Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart, and panel discussion. Open to all. Starts at 6pm.

Getting Ready to LAUNCH!

YOU'RE INVITED - Thursday October 30, 2014

Laura Colella's Seminal Summer

Laura Colella's third narrative feature, a summer story about neighborly, multi-generation relationships, stars Colella's real-life housemates and has its world premiere this week.

"Breakfast With Curtis" stars Colella's neighbors Theo Green (foreground) and Jonah Parker.

"I think everyone has a particular summer when your life took a real shift," says Laura Colella to The Independent's David Pierotti within days of her third narrative feature debut. Colella calls Breakfast With Curtis a no-budget feature. It takes place in her real-life backyard starring her real-life neighbors... and marks at least one character's seminal summer.

Providence, Rhode Island, director Laura Colella was gearing up for the Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this week. Her third narrative feature, Breakfast With Curtis, will get its world premiere screening before an audience on June 14th.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2012

The Independent chooses the 10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2012.

A still from <i>Losing Ferguson</i>, a film by one of the Independent's 10 to Watch in 2012, Trisha Gum.

The Independent shines a spotlight on 10 innovative filmmakers to keep your eye on this year, and coming years. We've got web series creators, animators, and filmmakers of all genres... and in the last month we've been releasing exclusive new extras on Facebook.

It's another year, and time to announce 10 filmmakers we at The Independent think you should keep your eye on. It's a varied group, to be sure, but each filmmaker has a few key things in common: talent, drive, and the desire to innovate.

Documenting the Mystery of Marie Jocelyne

An unpaid bill sent the filmmaking team of Dan Nuxoll and Martha Shane down the rabbit hole of a charming con artist and subject of their first feature documentary.

The many faces of Marie Castaldo appear in "The Mystery of Marie Jocelyne."

Her deception wreaked havoc with film festivals, exhibitors, and fancy LA restaurants. Marie Castaldo is the convicted criminal at the center of a documentary-in-progress by Dan Nuxoll and Martha Shane, whose sleuthing led them into their first feature project.

In August 2000, a newspaper in Upstate New York reported on a scandal-plagued local film festival. The article identifies several involved individuals, but names one of the alleged con artists at length: "claims were filed against...

Can I Shoot My Low Budget Indie Film in New York City?

Indie producer Rebecca Reynolds explains how her production company, 8180 Films, maximized a change in film tax credit policy.

Actor Stephen Lang on the monitor (and behind the desk) on the double-duty set of "The Girl on the Train."

"Let’s just say we started out to shoot a low budget psychological thriller in rural northwestern Michigan and ended up shooting an ultra low budget neo noir thriller in New York City," says The Girl on the Train's producer, Rebecca Reynolds. Here she shares tips and trade-offs for shooting on location in the Big Apple.

Wondering if you can afford or manage an indie shoot in New York City? Sure, if you have to, like we did...

Filmmaker's Journal: Crowd Funding in Cambodia

Jason Rosette reveals what it takes to get a historically-based narrative feature off the ground in Cambodia.

Director Jason Rosette conducts a screen test while casting "Freedom Deal" in Cambodia.

Jason Rosette reports from Cambodia in another installment of his Filmmaker's Journal, four years after his last update. Here he chronicles the ups and downs of getting what he calls his most ambitious project yet, the feature narrative Freedom Deal, off the ground in Cambodia, including the unique ways he's approached casting and fundraising.

I’ve been working in Southeast Asia since 2005, primarily in Cambodia, but also with time spent in Thailand and Vietnam, as an independent film media maker and practitioner for the past six-plus years.

That's Classic - Bill Hader on 'Essential' Hollywood Films for the Whole Family

Want to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking and a little something about jury duty? Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader suggests an education in Hollywood classics.

"Essentials Jr." includes facts about jury duty to go along with the screening of "Twelve Angry Men."

In another installment of "That's Classic," a column that connects classics to indie film, The Independent's Beth Brosnan checks in with Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader, who kicks off another season hosting TCM's Essentials Jr. this weekend.

Talk to actor-writer Bill Hader for even a short while, and you quickly realize that the affably offbeat Saturday Night Live comedian is—as his castmate Andy Samberg once remarked of Michael Bolton—“a major cinephile.”

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