January 2013

Sundance 2013: Short Film Miracles

Science fiction, postmodern theory, and zombie-apocalypse survival tips blossom in Sundance Shorts.

Embedded technology in "Record/Play" as well as several other Sundance shorts. Photo by R. Swanson.

Sci-fi, technology, and the apocalypse rule supreme in the array of short format programs at Sundance 2013. Neil Kendricks teases out the program's terrain—from emotionally detached to resonant. Jesse Atlas' Record/ Play and Jon Hurst's When Zombies Come were among his favorites.

PARK CITY, Utah – You don’t have to secure movie stars and high-production values to shine at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. What matters most are compelling stories anchored by believable and engaging protagonists who simultaneously hook emotions and intellectual curiosity.

Filmmakers! Don't Overlook Production Stills

Hermine Muskat talks with professionals in the field about how and why to prioritize still photography during production.

Murray Close took this image for, well, you know the film.

Filmmakers Liz Canner and David Tames, photographers Aimee Spinks and Mikki Ansin, and film journalist Erin Trahan boil down the points of why capturing still photos should be a high priority during production.

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"Hannah Arendt" - New York Jewish Film Festival 2013 Critic's Choice

Kurt Brokaw picks his top choices from the 22nd New York Jewish Film Festival.

"Hannah Arendt" the film and character merit further inquiry.

"Hannah Arendt is subject to debate from start to finish," writes Kurt Brokaw about the narrative feature that delves into the life of the controversial political theorist. Released theatrically on May 29th, Hannah Arendt is a final addition to Brokaw's critic's choices from the 22nd New York Jewish Film Festival, which was held at Lincoln Center in January 2013.

The 22nd Annual New York Jewish Film Festival plays at Lincoln Center January 9-24, 2013. Senior film critic Kurt Brokaw samples 45 films from nine countries and presents his critic’s choices.

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