TIFF 2014: Drafthouse’s Tim League on the State of Distribution and Oppenheimer’s “The Look of Silence”

At TIFF 2014, Courtney Sheehan meets up with Tim League to get his latest take on distribution.

Drafthouse picked up "The Look of Silence" at the end of August.

From his purview at TIFF 2014, Drafthouse's Tim League weighs what is and isn't apocalyptic about the future of distribution in a season of down box offices and new acquisitions such as Joshua Oppenheimer's The Look of Silence.

Forty-eight hours before Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence won the Grand Jury Prize at Venice (it’s also been awarded best film prizes from FIPRESCI and others), Tim League of Draft

Jumpstart Your Creativity with a Short Film Challenge

Get your film made in a weekend by taking part in one of these short film competitions or challenges.

Fun from one of the most well-known film challenges, the 48 Hour Film Project.

Tired of all of the talk about making a movie? Take action today by signing up for one of more than a dozen short film challenges where you write, shoot, edit, and screen your film sometimes in 48 hours or less.

Whether you are new to filmmaking or have been at it for a while, making the commitment to produce a film can be a challenging undertaking. Coming up with an idea, writing a script, finding your subjects, coming up with the finances, and finding a good crew are just a few factors that can get in the way.

Tribeca 2014: Interactive's Audience Now Has an Audience

Senior producer Maddy Kadish reports on the cutting edge programs during Tribeca's Innovation Week.

Kenyatta Cheese delivering keynote, picture Tweeted by @triciawang.

From playing the giant piano inspired by Big to starting to fan stalk other media fans, Tribeca's cutting edge Innovation Week brought all things transmedia (and more) to the forefront of the conversation, and better yet, to the hands-on Interactive Playground. Senior producer Maddy Kadish was on the scene.

Part of the mission of Tribeca Film Festival is to “redefine the film festival experience.” Nothing does this more than the ever expanding Innovation Week at Tribeca.

Back to the Past: Keva Rosenfeld’s 1987 Documentary "All American High" Finds a New Audience

Michele Meek talks with director Keva Rosenfeld about his decision to re-master his 1987 original.

Is this how we remember high school? Photo courtesy of Keva Rosenfeld.

Is our nostalgia for the 80s replacing our nostalgia for the 50s? Michele Meek suggests so, using a resurgence of interest in Keva Rosenfeld's 1987 documentary, All American High, as her primary example. It screens March 9th and 12th at SXSW.

The 1980s are the new 1950s. We have entered an era where big hair, landlines, and nightly news feel as remote and charming as poodle skirts and soda shops did in Back to the Future.

Now Playing (Again): "Fort McMoney"

LJ Kessels returns to the virtual world of Canadian oil fields as a player of "Fort McMoney."

Fort McMoney: Where Film Meets Video Game.

Fort McMurrey's oil production represents 20 percent of Canada's GDP says the trailer to the interactive reality doc, Fort McMoney. As a result, everything there is larger than life. The real-time game, divided in episodes, is back on and anyone can dip their toe in the oil through February 16th.

David Dufresne’s interactive documentary game is back for a second round.

Sundance 2014: The Independent’s Top 10 Moments for Women

Billie's mom decides to transition to male in "52 Tuesdays."

From creepy to awesome, women made their mark on and off screen at Sundance 2014. The moments were many but we've opted to share 10 of our favorites with you. Enjoy!

Park City, UTAH -- Sundance inspires—it is full of creative and passionate people. This year the amount of outstanding and exciting work by female filmmakers brought a distinctly different tone to the festival, certainly more representational, and even more cutting edge than in past years.

An Indie Film Odyssey: Making (and Screening) “Homer and Penelope”

Catherine Epstein tracks the ups and downs of Danny Powell's first feature film.

The making of "Homer and Penelope" was its own odyssey. Photo courtesy Cinema With Cinema.

Hang in there with Danny Powell, as his journey into making his first feature, Homer and Penelope (which streams free December 11-15), will ring true to anyone who has been crazy enough to try likewise. Notice that with Odysseus as a guide, one can find joy long after all that has been "wrought and endured."

Partway through Homer’s The Odyssey, the hero Odysseus is advised, in the midst of epic challenges, “Even his griefs are a joy long after to one that remembers all that he wrought and endured.” The line is grandiose and majestic, but it somehow feels relevant to young filmmaker Danny Powell, whose first feature, Homer and Penelope, endur

Top 14 Film Markets

The who, what, when of film markets and why you may want to integrate one into your distribution plan.

Find a way to set yourself apart from the crowd at film markets. Photo by garethr.

From AFM to IFP to TIFFCOM... here are the top 14 film markets where industry representatives find crucial pieces of their filmmaking puzzle, including the ever-evasive topic of distribution. Thanks to readers, we've added two markets, bumping the list from 12 to 14, since originally publishing the list.

In addition to attending film festivals to screen or network on behalf of an independent film, a diverse array of industry professionals attend film markets. At film markets, the focus is on commerce. The goal of attending can be to make production and distribution deals, learn about new products or segments of the industry, or to meet experts within the field.

The Free Spirits of Contemporary Canadian Cinema

Patrick Pearce asks Canadian filmmakers about what's happening in its regional cinema and why.

Isaka Sawadogo stars in Frédérick Pelletier's "Diego Star," which picked up two jury awards at FNC.

The Independent’s Patrick Pearce gets the inside scoop on Festival du Nouveau Cinéma's Canadian line-up from directors featured at the fest: Raphaëlle Bilodeau (Épicentres), Ashley McKenzie (Stray), Frédérick Pelletier (Diego Star), and Elza Kephart (Go Into The Wilderness).

Montréal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (FNC) just wrapped up its 42nd edition.

Zero Time with Programmer Julien Fonfrède

Patrick Pearce offers up an evening in the life of FNC Temps 0 section programmer Julien Fonfrède.

Sylvia Camarda in "The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears."

Montréal's Festival du Nouveau Cinéma is running on all cylinders through October 20, 2013. Mid-festival, Patrick Pearce caught up with programmer Julien Fonfrède to find out just exactly he was looking for when selecting films for the edgy Temps 0 section.

“That day is not good for him—he’s really tied up,” writes my usually agreeable Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (FNC) communications point person.

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