April 2003

Q&A with Larry Meistrich of Film Movement

"I wanted to create a platform for people who are educated, sophisticated, and culturally connected no matter where they live"

What is Film Movement?

FCC Changes Afoot?

Forum Addresses TV Deregulation Issues

What do a former president of the Screen Actors Guild, the host of a long-running Harlem public access show, vice presidents at Fox and CBS, and Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell have in common?

Unlocking the Secrets of the Screening Committee

For almost every independent film its first exhibition space will be a festival screening room.

The Media Policy Wars

New Technology Meets Old Industry

There is a tremendous and silent battle being fought these days, the effects of which could create a culture (locally, nationally, and globally) that is completely beholden to the media giants, even more so than the present.

Beth Harrington

Telling the legend of Rockabilly Women

San Francisco Screens

Indie Film venues of the Bay area

In her review of Phil Kaufman’s 1978 remake of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, legendary film critic Pauline Kael wrote, “The story is set in San Francisco, which is the ideally right setting, because of the city’s traditional hospitality to artists and eccentrics.” This hospitality extends to movie venues.

Guerrilla Girls Take On Film Industry Sexism

From our billboard last year we were invited on a few conservative radio talk shows, which really surprised us,” says the Käthe Kollwitz of the Guerrilla Girls, an anonymous feminist arts agitation group. “But we learned something really interesting—the only thing ultra-conservatives hate more than feminism is the film industry! So they’re our new best friends!”

Distributor FAQ: Film Movement

What is Film Movement?
We’re a company that matches consumers with deserving filmmakers. We do this in two ways: through theatrical releases and by combining them with a subscription-based service so that people everywhere in the United States and ultimately Canada can get access to the same films as people in New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

How to think about test screenings

Be careful when and how you show unfinished work, the Documentary Doc advises

Dear Doc Doctor: I have a fifteen minute cut of a one-hour documentary, and the editor and I are not sure about the main storyline and characters. Should I have a test screening? How many should I have?

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