May 2003

Puerto Rico

Living and Filming in Technicolor

I did not come here to kill. I came here to die.
- Lolita Lebrón

Independents and PBS

Finding Funding and Airtime

The storm clouds gathering on public television’s fiscal horizon, brought on by President Bush’s 2003 proposed budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, have passed for the moment. After intense lobbying from public television supporters, Congress cut CPB’s 2003 budget by 0.65 percent instead of the expected three percent. But, even though the cuts weren’t as extensive as everyone feared, “2004 is still completely up in the air,” according to John Wilson, PBS senior vice president and co-chief program executive.

An Adventure of Perception

Stan Brakhage, 1933-2003

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James Stanley Brakhage died March 9 after a long battle with cancer. According to a statement written by his wife, Marilyn, “Stan spent his final weeks and days scratching on film and drawing pictures of his visions, both internal and external, as he worked through his illness.

Up to Spec for PBS

Meeting the Technical Requirements of Public Broadcasting

Heather Courtney began shooting video of migrant day laborers in Texas as a graduate school thesis project, with few ideas about distribution. Los Trabajadores/The Workers eventually screened at over fifty different venues over the past year.

Funder FAQ: Latino Public Broadcasting

What is Latino Public Broadcasting?

Latino Public Broadcasting

Jason Guerrasio interviews Luca Bentivoglio

What is Latino Public Broadcasting?
Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB) is a nonprofit organization that funds the development, production, postproduction, and acquisition of programming with educational and cultural contexts addressing the Latino voice in the United Sates.

CPB Faces Possible Budget Cuts

President Bush’s proposed budgets for 2004 and 2005 will introduce deep cuts and radical changes for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) if they pass through Congress later this year unaltered. In addition to a tighter budget, CPB would not receive advance appropriations for 2006.

Pitching to PBS

Independent programs on popular PBS strands

Ever wanted to pitch an idea to one of the PBS strands but didn’t know how? Well The Independent has put together this rundown of the programs that keep their doors open for ideas from indie producers.

American Experience—accepts pitches

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