March 2004

Beer at Sundance

What does a producers’ rep really do?

The subject of producers’ reps—who they are and what they do—is one that a lot of us find confusing. And yet, most films that secure distribution during festivals, especially in recent years, have done so through the help of a producers’ rep.

The “F” Factor

Women: Where It’s At

This is the first and last “Women In Film” article filmmaker Julie Talen wants to be in. She’d rather talk about multi-channel film narratives, a form she studied in-depth before using it to tell the story of a family’s fracturing in her recent debut feature Pretend. And you can see why.

The Girl Team

Joining Forces to Do It Themselves

While there are alarmingly few women helming movies these days, there are more and more behind the scenes. The role of producer is one that seems increasingly open to the industry’s women and here, The Independent profiles female production teams who are changing the industry, one little movie at a time.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Snapshots of the Indie Film Community

Rick Delaup, Filmmaker

Deutsch/Open City Films:

Jason Guerrasio interviews Joana Vicente and Jason Kliot

Since founding Open City Films in 1994, producers Joana Vicente and Jason Kliot have earned a reputation for making unique and popular films that would probably not have received financing elsewhere.
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