March 2005

The Miller’s Daughter

Rebecca Miller’s lives out (and films) her dreams

Rebecca Miller needs to recharge. Well, her phone at least.

The Indie Godmother

A former medical missionary nurtures St Louis’s film community

While covering the 2003 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, where one of my films was showing, Joe Williams, film critic of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, wrote an article in which he referred to me as the “godmother of the St. Louis filmmaking community.” I was flattered but also a bit embarrassed. I have no idea how he came up with it, but the name stuck.

Woman, Thou Art Loosed

Kimberly Elise stars in what might be the first gospel film

Is America ready for gospel cinema?

Is it too late to edit myself out of this film?

You may not love your onscreen persona, but trying to edit yourself out of a film will be challenging, the Documentary Doc writes.

Dear Doc Doctor:

I think I made the mistake of putting myself in my film as the inquisitive filmmaker—as a woman, I’m not sure if the role really suits me. What can be done at this stage to save the film?

Tracking Aimee Mann

Her tunes have made—and been made—by indie films

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Aimee Mann is one tough woman to track down. After a month of scheduling and rescheduling an interview time, I was finally about to sit down and talk with Mann about her role as composer of independent film soundtrack, and about how the art of film inspires her as a songwriter.

The Women of Sundance

Their smart, provocative films help redefine “chick flick”

Flipping through the catalog of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the faces of American narrative filmmakers are unsurprisingly still predominantly male, reflecting the state of the industry at large. However, there are a few renegade female faces that thankfully interrupt the gender homogeneity.

Q/A: Sharon Lockhart

Los Angeles-based artist, photographer, and conceptual filmmaker Sharon Lockhart makes films as minimal as they are pensive. There’s a predilection for long takes, little edits, and a fixed, straight-ahead framing within which actions transpire. Repetitions and circularity permeate. Time is let to elapse.

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