June 2005

Q/A: Terrence Howard

There was one good thing about Malcolm Lee’s 1999 studio film The Best Man: Terrence Howard. I wrote a review of the film for Africana.com (now Blackvoices.com) in which I said just that. I got lots of emails from angry black men because I likened the film to an R&B video (and I’d say it again today). But Terrence Howard was something else. You just sort of waited for him to enter the frame.

Behind the Spin

What do film publicists actually do?- An expert exposes the truth

There is a mystique to filmmaking—the silvery light that reflects off the screen, the way the story shapes a character’s whole life in two hours and how that life can then resonate so deeply with an audience. The myth of filmmaking is what makes it such a powerful medium.

Participant Productions

An eBay-billionaire believes humanist films can sell

To most people, Jeff Skoll is the eBay guy. He was the first employee and first president of the online auction behemoth. With over $4 billion worth of eBay stock, he was named the third richest man under 40 in the country by Fortune magazine in 2004. What most people don’t know about Skoll is that he is also a committed do-gooder.

What a Long, Freaky Head-Trip It’s Been

Bradley Beesley’s The Fearless Freaks

“Get on the ground, motherfuckers,” declares Wayne Coyne, directing two somewhat confused kids to lie on their chests in the dingy kitchen of a Vietnamese noodle bar.

Good Lord, Not Another Artsy Film

Reflections from the hi/lo Film Festival founder

I am Marc Vogl, a 30-something East Coast kid who came out to San Francisco in the 90s following a Richard Dreyfuss-in-Close Encounters kind of urge. I didn’t know what was luring me west or what I’d find when I got here, but I was powerless to resist. And, like the lemmings in Close Encounters, I was not alone.

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